Saturday, January 14, 2023


Was at the store the other day and noticed something, then went to another store and saw the same thing:

At the second store I took a picture.  I was taking a shortcut to the checkout and this is the cold/flu aisle.  It (and the one at the other store) was depleted of almost everything.  Both sides of the aisles were mostly empty.

We're not sure if this is a supply chain issue, a sign of a really bad cold/flu season, or if Covid is making a comeback with the new variant.  Speaking of, the Houston area was upped from green to yellow a few weeks ago. 

We still mask up in crowds.  Have to say, even if we're in the minority now, it's actually been kind of nice not having any colds or flu for the last couple of years.
Today we're off to the farm to do a couple of things. It was brisk this morning, mid-30's but thankfully NO freeze, ha.  Speaking of, one thing I hope to do today is work on the pipe with the small leak from the freeze and 2nd Man is looking for a couple of specific cookbooks we think we have out there.

Not much else to do this time of year.  We will take time to sit on the porch and relax and stay warm in the sun.

This is last weekend, the big freeze definitely shifted everything into "Winter beige".

Looks like Winter now, but we're guessing the green will come back soon...and with a vengeance.

Hope you have a great start to your weekend!


  1. I went to the grocery store today and there were a lot of missing items everywhere. Meat, vegetables, fruit, you name it. Luckily, they had everything we were wanting except for the local bacon but it is a bit unnerving to see the store like that.

  2. I'm an assistant manager in a small grocery store and there's no pattern to what we can get and what we get shorted. We don't even know why most of the time. As far as the medicine aisle, I think it's a combination of all three things.


  3. More and more children are coming down with colds and flue and some parents are finding it hard to find over the counter meds for their children. If ordering on line; limit 6 from Walgreens.
    Many people are home sick for the holidays as a triple threat of viruses continues to spread. RSV, the flu and COVID-19 are infecting people across the country and in the Carolinas.
    According to the Consumer Healthcare Products Association, last month, the so-called "tripledemic" led to a 65% increase in sales of pediatric pain and fever medicine compared to last November.

  4. I wonder if the wild weather in CA has affected the already stretched supply chain.

  5. I think the cold/flu medication shortage is due to all 3 reasons. I had bronchitis in Oct. – Nov. and I had a hard time finding cough syrup; same thing with my sister this month.
    Ugh, another round of Covid with a new, more contagious variant called the Kraken.
    Hoping you got your pipe fixed at the Farm. At least it warmed up today.
    It turned into a nice, sunny day, so you’ll have nice weather to enjoy your porch time out there.
    What goodies is 2nd Man going to make with the cookbooks left at the Farm?

  6. Everything is in short supply up here in Abilene. Most pain and fever meds are limited in number you are allowed to purchase..some places have put them under lock and key. And it is not just meds. At the market what they do have is priced so hight it is almost impossible to buy. Come on, Bacon at almost 28 bucks a pound? We should have raised pigs when we still had the farm.


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