Monday, January 23, 2023


Or would it maybe be early season blooms?

The avocado trees we got a few weeks back and put on the porch were saved by keeping them inside in the heat during the freeze.  They are doing great.

One of them has new leaves coming on...

...and another has actual blossoms coming on.  

Need to read up on how to care for them and find the right place for them to be planted in the Spring.

The bananas are doing great as well.

Here they are back outside on the porch.  We lost our others in a sudden freeze last year and so last Spring, the coworker who gave us the originals brought us these from her parents' plants before they moved out.  We also had the extra one that I got for free at the grocery store a few months ago.  

At least we kept them alive this Winter and of course they'll go back inside if another freeze comes between now and Spring.

Apparently, they all enjoyed their "spa week" inside where it was warm...

Don't forget to check Saturday and Sunday post in case you missed them.


  1. Your trees look beautiful! All ready for spring planting.

  2. Your plants enjoyed being in that tropical setting.
    It probably won't be long before you start to see young 'pups' coming up in your banana containers.
    Seen on our local news that you will be having some nasty weather moving down your way.
    Take care, stay safe and stay warm

  3. Now that construction is in the future, why not construct an orangerie. It can be an extension of the house or free standing. You could sit in the orangerie in the winter.

  4. I've never seen an avocado bloom! That's pretty exciting, actually.

  5. Hope everyone is safe from the tornadoes that hit the Houston area.


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