Sunday, July 24, 2011


This is a neat idea.  The website I found the pictures at linked to blogs that no longer exist, but they look pretty simple.

This one is made of four plain, terracotta clay pots and a saucer:

Clay Pots Birdbath

This one below looks to have been painted by hand, with three white pots and a saucer:

Glazed and Painted Pots Birdbath

The instructions seem to be fairly obvious. three or four clay pots of decreasingly smaller sizes,
stacked together to form a base, and then a larger matching clay saucer on top for the actual birdbath water portion.

I would presume they are glued together with a glue or sealant to hold them in place, most specifically the saucer on top.

Be sure to start with a large enough base so that it is stable when you find
a home for it in your yard.


  1. I have actually made sweveral of these. Found the instructions years ago at Mary Engelbreit

    1. cool! I've got some clay pots ready to go for later this spring!