Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Last time I was at the farm to do yard work, 2nd Family down the driveway had just gotten this cool yard tool.  It's a super duper weed eater....how's that for a technical description?  OK, it's actually a Murray Select 6hp walk behind gas powered dual head trimmer with a 22" cutting path.

It had enough power to push through just about anything...I could go along fences, up under the house in between the piers, around the trees, it ate stuff up like it was nothing.

I called it a lawnmower on steroids, ha.

I can't wait to use it again.  It made life so much easier than a standard weed eater.  I would highly recommend one for any large property.  It really does do so much more than you could imagine.

I have to add here, that 2nd Family has been SO generous with us, letting us use the tools we don't have but they do, sharing the eggs from their hens, and even giving us their manpower and skills when we need them.

It will take a long time to repay their generosity and kindness
during this whole process, but we'll do our best!
Until then, I'll have fun playing with this.  I guess if it makes yard work "fun", there's nothing wrong with that!


  1. what is it called and where do you get them?

  2. Thanks for visiting! They bought theirs from someone who had one for sale nearby, I think it was a sign in the yard, talk about luck! Ha. But I did some googling and found the best search term was "walk behind trimmer". I found some on eBay, used of course, and Amazon has a couple of different brands. I'm sure your local Craigslist might be a good source as well. Another great company is DRPower.com, they have all sorts of great tools and machines. They are a bit pricey but you could maybe find one you like and then look for a used one.

    Again thanks for visiting us, please come back! Good luck!


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