Friday, July 15, 2011


Another vegetable that we've seen and fallen in love with, saw them first at our  favorite grocery store, Hubbell and Hudson, is Eight Ball Squash.
It's also called "Cue Ball" squash or even "Billiard Ball" Squash.

They have yellow summer squash like above....

...traditional dark zucchini squash like this, 

...and even this spotted/striped Romesco variety of squash (another zucchini).

These are small and fast growing as well.
They require full sun, and reach maturity in about 45 days.
Kind of a nice plant for a smaller garden, as they only get to about 30" tall and about 18" wide,
but are very productive.
Several reviewers at various online seed websites call them the most prolific
plants in their gardens.

Stuffed Eight Ball Squash
Check this out! Yummy!

They are packed with flavor, almost as if the flavor is more concentrated due to their shape, so they are very tasty.  As you can see above, their size and shape make them awesome for stuffing.

You can stuff a squash with almost anything, meat, cheese, rice...they are very easy to cook, they can be sliced like any other squash and fried, used in casseroles, or of course hollowed out and stuffed like this picture.  Mmm, it makes me hungry!

If you need recipes, click HERE.

So these will go on our 'must have' list for our garden next season.

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