Tuesday, July 5, 2011


OK, so here is the back story of this property.

Back in the 80's, at one of my first jobs, I worked for my best friend's father.  While I worked there, he bought about 50 acres of land in the country.  He would go out there every weekend after regular work, and work some more on the property.  He would clear land, and build things, and dig ponds and lakes, and just  whatever he could.  He always said this was his place to retire to.

While working there, he had a small building/cabin to stay in, and he would just work all day, sleep, get up, do some more work, sleep, then come to work and do it all again the following weekend.

It took several years of this hard work, and the hard work and assistance of my best friend, to turn it into the place it is now, but together they did finish, he was able to build his dream home, and he and his wife were finally able to retire and enjoy it.

The first time I ever went out there and saw the result, I was stunned.  I realized then and there that you could do it if you put your mind (and body) to it and made it happen.  It was at that moment that I thought to myself "THIS is what I want to do someday".

Here are some shots I took this weekend of their beautiful place.
Pavilion on the lake
This is a view of the outdoor pavilion he built, on the edge of a lake, a lake that he dug and built himself.
This is looking down toward the lake from up the hillside.

Pier over lake
When he built the lake, he knew that someday, he'd want to be fishing, and so he built this pier out into the lake, before it was ever even filled with water.  It's got a fish cleaning are at one end, and built in benches.
Very well thought out.

Great place to relax with a view
This is a view of the lake from under the pavilion that they built.  The pavilion is really nice, open air, with plenty of room for tables and chairs and just great places to sit and relax.  There is even an enclosed kitchen area at one end, for prepping all the food when there is a party.
Another pond on the property
This is another of the water tanks/ponds on the property, one of several.  Again, amazing to think they cleared these out and created them.

Awesome brick grill
This is under the pavilion (and you can see the fishing pier from here).  It's an outdoor, custom built, brick grilling area.  It can smoke, grill and cook enough food to probably feed more than 100 people.  Just yesterday, we had some awesome brisket and sausage from this very spot.  It was delicious!

There is more to it, it is almost 50 acres after all, but I just wanted to share with all of you just how awesome I think it is.

First, I'm so glad he is getting to enjoy his dream come true.  After his early years of hard work, he was able to retire out there with his wife, where they raise cattle, and generally live the quiet life (and have for years).
Grandchildren run around and splash in the water, friends come and visit, and, thanks to the help and continued hard work of my best friend (his son), he keeps the place up and running so that everyone has a great place to relax and unwind.

Second, and more importantly, he was part of my inspiration for what I want us to do.  Every time I go out there, I'm reminded of the work it takes it make your dreams come true.  So when I get frustrated that things aren't happening quick enough or I haven't been able to do something at our farm, I just remember that we've only owned it for not even 3 months yet.  He worked on his property for years before it became the reality it is now.

So, this is a big, heartfelt thank you to my old boss and my dear friend, for planting the seed in my mind.

If our end result is only half of what they created, I'll consider that a huge success.


  1. Beautiful. You should head out to Sonya's place. There are some similar features, and why I love just sitting in her back yard. One of my favorite places to relax. Might have something to do with the company too. :)

  2. Beautiful place, nice to see that someone gets to make their dream come true. I hope you do as well.

  3. Well thank you both for the comments.

    @Kelly, it's definitely the company you have as much as the location. Of course if it's big enough, you can get away from the company too, ha.

    @anon, thanks for the wishes. he and his son truly did an amazing job with the property and it really has been an inspiration for me.

  4. I don't mind saying,that this is a touching tribute. Thank you for sharing your enjoyment. I hope to some day be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor with equal appreciation. Robert

  5. Your comments warm the hearts of two ooooolllld fossils. We're proud of you and the influence we have in your life. Remember this was Buddy's 25 year project - 23 years ago.
    All it takes is time and money. The more money you have, the less time it takes! We may not be out of time, but we're definitely out of money.
    From the Boss and the Boss's Boss

  6. Mom and Dad, I so hear you!! We live in a 1929 farmhouse on 4 acres and it's constant work. There is always something to do. Just plant the money tree in the backyard and keep on trucking... right.

    1st man, you know I love the company in Houston. Especially if you'd ever come visit when I'm there.... which I haven't been in 7 years. :( Miss you greatly!


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