Wednesday, July 27, 2011



Three little ceiling fans all in a row
Is it progress when you buy stuff FOR the farm but haven't put it up yet?  Ha.

That was today's mission, to get three new ceiling fans for the farm.
There are four currently; one in each of the two bedrooms, one in the kitchen and one in the living room.  As so often happens with old ceiling fans, these are past their life expectancy.  You know how it goes, they get rickety and the blades start to get wobbly (and in a couple of cases, a bit 'curled').  Not to mention, the ones in there now aren't the style we'd like, they are more decorated and ornate than we want, so it will be out with the old and in with the new.

Today at lunch, I bought these three fans (pictured all lined up in the back of my car), by Hampton Bay, the Farmington model.  They are sold by Home Depot and you can read about them HERE

They have very high ratings on the website and besides, we have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan (not sure the model) in the city house that literally runs 24/7, only stopping it to clean it regularly of course.  It has run for years with no problems.  Best of all, they are only $45 each!  We bought three in white, so when the room walls and ceiling are painted white, they will sort of disappear into the decor.
White Hampton Bay Farmington Ceiling Fan
We'll replace the the two bedroom fans and the living room fan.  We have decided to not replace the fan in the kitchen.  Reason being, there are two light fixtures in the kitchen and one is currently a ceiling fan.  We found some awesome farmhouse style cabinets for one wall of the kitchen a couple of months ago, and they go all the way up to the ceiling.  Replacing that one fan there would just be too close for comfort when putting things in the upper cabinets.  Plus we'd like the extra light of a regular light fixture in that room (always need lots of light in a kitchen for cooking).

Speaking of, notice how these fans don't have light fixtures?  We have decided to try it without.  It's easy enough to add a light kit later on, but for now, we'll put them up and use lighting like table lamps, etc.

So, I mark this as progress.
Another step in the road of many steps yet to come!


  1. This fan was such an easy install and works great. after reading the other reviews on this fan i was a bit hesitant because people said it was noisy. after installing this fan it has made NO noise at all. by discount ceiling fans

  2. I love it! I like how you opted for a similar and simple ceiling fan design because it gives uniformity around your house. That being said, your house now not only looks organized and standardized, but it also has comforting ventilation system. Yay! :]


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