Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Never thought I'd say this, having lived on the Gulf Coast for most of my life,
but I sure hope it comes this way...

Photo courtesy of:  WEATHER UNDERGROUND
We need the rain.  Not the wind of course, but we definitely could use the 5-10 inches of rain they say it might bring.
Looks like the "cone of uncertainty" is moving slightly further South of us, which means we might not get as much rain as we had hoped.  We'll see what happens Friday.
Well, now it's even further South of us.  That's the nature of predicting storms so far out from landfall.
Looks like we won't even get any rain, possibly a shower or two, but more than likely, our much needed rainfall isn't coming in the amounts we want.
Almost 2" of rain at the city house, barely a drop at my office.  Not sure about the farm yet, but radar showed some storms over the property for a period of time.  Still not what we had hoped for and definitely way short of what we need.  I guess we'll have to hope for another storm
(NOT a Hurricane) soon.

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