Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Since I posted about our new favorite white wine, the Gazela Vinho Verde,
I've had people asking me about other our
other favorites.

So this time, I will share our favorite Rose.

It's the Bastianich Rosato.  In case the name sounds familiar, it is the same as Lidia Bastianich, the beloved TV host of popular Italian cooking shows (if you've never seen her shows, look for them, usually on PBS, she's awesome!)

Now normally, I will say that I'm not big on the whole celebrity endorsement thing, usually because most of the "Food Network" type stuff is just "Made in China" with a celebrity chef's name stamped on the box.

But this is different.  Lidia's family has vineyards in Italy and they produce this from there.
It's called "Rosato" which is Italian for Rose.

Again, I'm not the kind of wine person that can describe the flavors and smells of wines (tasting notes I believe they are called), I can only say that we like it and why we like it.
In this case, it is a sweet, vibrant, refreshing wine, almost like a light red wine.  It has a beautiful pink color in the glass that is beautiful just on it's own.  And while there are no bubbles, it's almost like the Vinho Verde we like in that it's a crisp wine that is great served cold on a hot summer day.  Because it's aged in stainless steel barrels, instead of oak, it doesn't have that tartness of the oak that some people don't like.

Refosco Grapes
The wine is made from the grapes above, they are called Refosco.
Here are the "official" tasting notes, for those who are interested:

" An intensely colored rosato filled with plums, rose petals, violets and orange peel aromas. Medium weight with soft fruit, especially white plums which leads to clean mouthwatering acidity. The acidity is fresh, making it a delight to drink with just about anything. A clean finish esures a refreshing experience.  Enjoy it on its own or with smoky, sweet, spicy dishes or cuisines."

All I know is we like it!  We'd buy a case if we could.
It will definitely become our go-to Farmhouse Rose.


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  1. OMG, my girlfriend and I LOVE this wine. Glad to hear you like it. Enjoying reading your blog. Can't wait to see the progress. Good luck!


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