Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Green Farm Living
One of the things we have to do, is figure out all sorts of aspects of what we want to do at our farm.  And one thing I've mentioned is that we want to try to be as 'green' as possible.  Since we're starting a home/farm from scratch, we can make the environmentally correct choices whenever possible.

Flash forward to the other day, when we were at Discount Tire getting new tires on 2nd Man's car, and I picked up a brochure on 'rubber mulch', by Pinnacle.

Here is their website:  Pinnacle Rubber Mulch

Brown Pinnacle Mulch
I've seen and heard of the rubber mulch before, but it kind of fell off my 'radar' for awhile as I didn't need mulch at the time.  In the city, I only have two small beds at the front of the house, and then the area around the raised beds in the back yard.  I used some good mulch for those and it looked great....for about a year, then it started washing away, fading, and degrading into the soil.  I bought more to replenish the next year, and then a year later, the same thing.  It kind of gets expensive redoing it every year.

This mulch is made of 100% recycled tires.  What a great use for something that would sit in a landfill for the next who knows how many years.  Sure this is a bit more expensive than regular mulch (about $7.50/bag) but it's got a TWELVE YEAR warranty for color.  If you don't have to replace it for years, it is definitely worth the extra cost.  Now will I use this by the truckload?  No, that would be TOO Much, but around the house and the vegetable garden, I think it's a great solution for appearance.
Brown Mulch in Flower Bed
It looks very nice in use as these pictures show.  We used a chocolate brown mulch at the city house and I really like the look of that color the best.  It reminds me of freshly turned dirt.  So I was happy to see that they offer a dark brown color.  They also have blue, sandalwood, red, black and green.

I will start with trying it at the city house and see how it looks and holds up.  We have the perfect spot in around the raised beds I blogged about.  If we like it, I'll eventually use that at the farm around the house when I put in the flowerbeds, and maybe around the raised vegetable beds, as a surface to walk on and hopefully keep out the weeds.


  1. What I most liked in rubber mulch. It is an unmatched product, where Color range, Eco-friendliness and safety all coincides.

    Rubber Mulch

  2. Revon: Yep, you are right, it does combine evertyhing you'd want and need, into one product. And I forgot to mention the safety issues, rubber mulch is a great safety product, using it along pathways and in playgrounds. :-)

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