Tuesday, July 12, 2011


As we sit here waiting for more substantial things to happen at the farm
(i.e. plumbing and painting), I try to plan for other things to do later so that I can already have it figured out.

One thing I've always wanted, ever since my Grandmother had one (exactly one!) at her house when I was growing up, is a window box.  In the city, it really wouldn't look right, it's just not a style that fits in with the design of our house or the colors of the paint.

However, at the farm, that's a totally different story.  The picture above shows just one side, with three windows just crying out for window boxes, overflowing with gorgeous flowers.

So, I present below, some of my favorites found during my "online" travels:

This is a very pretty, and simple design.  Of course, it's on a white window trim/red house, which you all know was the finalist in color choice for our farmhouse.  I like how this looks like it's always been there.  Very nice.

Another one that looks like it's always been there, or is at least supposed to be there.  The detail on the corbels (supports) is really nice as well.

Very pretty and simple design.  Sometimes minimal is best.

The corbels on this really stand out.  They almost add another architectural element to the whole thing. 

These boxes don't seem to have any support, they are just attached, or supported, directly to the house.  I like that.

Beautiful flowers in this one.  And a nice compromise on the detail, the supports are small but still noticeable. 

I think this is actually one of my favorites, a window "box" that is not actually a box but a support for clay pots that hang through it.  I REALLY like this look.  I think this might just be the method I use.  It would be so easy to water, to switch out plants when necessary and move around from window to window.

Now, one thing to remember about window boxes...when you water them, the water will drain out the bottom.  You don't want to put a window box in a spot where the draining water might go somewhere you don't want.  For example, we have 4 windows on the front of our farmhouse, but they are all on the porch.  Not only would they not get much sun on the deep porch, but the watering could present a problem to the the porch floor.

Now the sides and the back, that's a different story.  There are 2 windows in the guest room, 4 in the master bedroom, 1 in the entryway, and 5 in the dining room.  Of course, I'm not sure I'll put them on all the windows, but I do know that there will be some window boxes in our near future!

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