Friday, January 13, 2023


 Last weekend, we packed up our Christmas stuff and put it all back in storage.  This was funny.

Here's a before and after:

This is the corner that we put the tree in.  The tree is big and fills up the space nicely.  Hobart ignores the tree but likes sleeping on the tree skirt (on the back side of the tree).

I packed it all up and went downstairs to storage to put it all up.  When I got back...

...this is what I saw.  Hobart sitting in the corner where the tree was.  Poor kitty.

We put our artificial plant back in the corner where it normally goes, pushed the wine fridge back down where it goes and put Hobart's bed back in its place.  He hasn't slept in it yet.

We think he's still mad. 


  1. I say he is wanting the tree skirt back in his favorite corner

  2. We had a cat once that loved sitting under the tree. That's where you could find him all season. He'd sit and watch as we took it down and look so sad.

  3. Try putting the bed behind the plant.

    Betsy in WI

  4. Poor Hobart! That is such a sad picture of him in the empty corner. I think he enjoyed having a quiet, private place to rest/nap where he was unseen but could still observe the household.

  5. That tree skirt was another of his blankets.

  6. Hobart is probably wondering if you are going to take away all his blankets.

  7. Haha..such a sweet kitty. The tree was lovely.

  8. One of my two cats kept sleeping under the tree skirt!

  9. I was also going to suggest pulling the plant out a bit and putting his bed back in the corner.

  10. Bed in the corner, plant in front.. Maybe add another plant or two. No, he's not spoiled, and neither are my two :) <3


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