Wednesday, May 24, 2023


Yesterday, we posted HERE about our blueberries and my wasp encounter.

First of all, my hand is much better, swelling is almost gone, pain is completely gone, and my knuckles are almost all the way back, LOL.

We had another small batch and put them them in the fridge.  When I gathered these big ones this weekend, we decided to use them all somehow.

I decided to make a small batch of blueberry cream cheese.  It was super simple, no real recipe; I took some softened cream cheese, put a tiny bit of sugar in the blueberries and mashed them up (the sugar to draw out moisture) and then just stirred it all together.

It turned a beautiful pink/purple color.

We toasted some bagels, spread the blueberry cream cheese all over and dropped the plump sweet berries over the top of that.  It was delicious!

When you turn something you grew into a meal, even the small harvests are worth it.


  1. Nice to hear that your hand is doing better. Wasps will build a nest anywhere. I even had them on roses before.
    I can't get over how big them berries are.
    They would make for a very nice berry jam or blueberry sauce.
    Do take care and have a great evening.

  2. I like to macerate fruit as you did with the sugar. Your bagel is pretty with the cream cheese and fruit.

  3. And a great reward for the valiant and wounded warrior

  4. Mmm, your blueberry breakfast looks delicious – like something you’d get at a B&B. Nothing tastes better than homegrown produce!

    I’m so glad you’re recovering from those yellow jacket stings. They got you pretty bad – your hand was really swollen and painful.
    I used to have yellow jackets here at my house. Also had snails and slugs in my garden. Then I started feeding the birds. And all of my pest problems went away. So, the birds not only bring beauty and colorful life to my yard but they also like to eat the various pests around here.

    You didn't post anything about your wild dewberries this year. Did you get some good pickings from them?

  5. Glad you're on the mend. The blueberry bagel looks delicious!

  6. What a great idea! I'm going to do this with some blueberries from the freezer ! Thank you!! So great with a cup of coffee!


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