Thursday, May 4, 2023


 Yeah, we're sci-fi in all its forms.  And television today is filled with great things, Star Trek is back with new stuff, there are new series that are wonderful including The Orville and of course Disney+ is home to all things Star Wars.  So we would be remiss if we didn't remember that today is sort of an unofficial (or maybe official now?) Star Wars Day.

The phrase everyone knows from the movie series is of course "MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU".  So somewhere along the way, people realized that today, being May 4th, might be a fun way to celebrate.

To celebrate, I used an online AI program to create these photos/images.

Technology is pretty cool:

How about R2D2 as a scarecrow in a garden? We could do that someday!

Here, I tried to explain to 2nd Man that this could be the new Zen Machine, a droid tractor to drive around on the farm, but he didn't go for it...

Well if he didn't go for the droid tractor, he sure won't let me repaint the barn white and put a giant stormtrooper head on the side!  Oh well!

Here's a cute picture of Grogu (Baby Yoda) to make your day.



  1. I also love Star Trek and Star Wars! You did a great job on your star creations. Except the storm trooper thing – too many awful connotations of that term from WW2 and now russia and they were evil in Star Wars. Baby Yoda is so cute. Wow, look at the tires on your droid lawn tractor – you’d never get stuck with those!
    May the Fourth be with you, too!

  2. How fun. I didn't even know about this, and I'm a Star Wars fan! Hopefully, i won't miss it next year. :)

  3. You can have the Fourth and I will take the Fifth of May aka Cinco de Mayo ... today!


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