Saturday, May 27, 2023


Errand day...

Bill the Truck got to drive into the big city...ok, little town, since we go to the town nearest the farm, ha.  It was inspection day for vehicle license plate renewal in Texas.  In the county the truck is registered in, all that is required is a safety inspection (lights, seatbelts, horn, etc) and with 226,674 miles on him, he passed with flying colors.  Good for another year.

They did say that the windshield wipers needed to be replaced (and they did, last time I used them to clean the windshield the rubber strips came off).  I opted out of getting them there at the place, stopped and bought some on the way back and put them on myself.

I needed to mow.  Got most of of it done but skipped a few trails.  The excess grass from last weekend (when it was three weeks between mowing) is still blowing around in the yard but it's all good, it'll be mostly gone by next weekend.

Not sure how I timed it like this, I just put it up when I'm done and pull out my phone and push "finish mow".  Came in at exactly one hour and got almost 3 acres mowed.  It was a good day for mowing.

The other project was to clean up the orchard area.  I should have taken a before but suffice it to say, it did NOT look like this, ha.  I edge around everything first, then take the big mower through it to get the wide swaths, then use the electric push mower to get the final areas between beds.  Then I watered it all well in case we don't have rain this week.

We always like it when it's done because it's so much neater.  Speaking of, I need to get some soil and mulch to top off the beds for this year.  I sense another trip into town for Bill the Truck, ha.

That was it for the day, back into town, steaks and baked potatoes with salad tonight, carnitas and tortillas for tomorrow (and leftovers for Monday).  Oh and 2nd Man is currently making brownies (it smells so good!).

Hope you all are having a great, long weekend.


  1. Neat and tidy. Yard looks so nice.
    By the way; where you able to fix your mower.
    Enjoy your evening along with the long weekend.
    We're expecting T. storms and good chance of maybe some rain showers.

  2. Brownies are tempting. Your yard really looks nice.

  3. Very nice mowing and edging - it all looks so neat afterwards.
    Mmm, Brownies!


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