Tuesday, May 2, 2023


This scared me for a moment a few weeks ago...

All the leaves on one of the muscadine vines had turned yellow and the other was bare (different varieties).  They were coming out of Winter and they have done what they do.


Here they are now, green and doing great.  We're planning where they are going to go.

This is the plan we have.  We have space in the fruit orchard, on each end.  The picture looks deceiving like there isn't much space.  If we put a rectangle bed here, it would be about 8 feet long and with one vine in the center and putting up a trellis line for it to grow along, it should be perfect.

Even after the trees get bigger, they will still get plenty of sun, just like the ones in the middle, it's the path the sun takes.  The above picture was taken in Fall as things were winding down and was late in the day. Spring/Summer it gets full sun.

To keep things neat, we're going to use this for them, similar to what we have used to great success with the blueberries and cherries.  They look great and will hold up well over time.  We'll just need to get the proper soil in and put a trellis in the middle.


  1. The galvanized planters will look great, but over time they will start to corrode due to the fact that they are Zinc metal and when Zinc is exposed to water they will start to corrode, rust and fall apart over a period of time due to the chemicals in the water.
    Now if you want to take the time you can put on a coating of waterproof sealant to help prevent or stop them from corrosion. They do have water tank sealant / coatings on the market that you can pick from.
    In years to come; you will have a pretty nice looking orchard.
    Have a wonderful day and enjoy your evening

  2. Your orchard already looks very attractive. The addition of the grape vines in your planned areas will work very well.
    Since Colleen brought up the possibility of corrosion, you might consider the same size and shape in a cattle/horse trough. They are built very sturdy and are galvanized. Since farm animals drink from them, they are evidently food safe.

  3. Yes farm water tanks last for years. I don't know about the price difference.


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