Wednesday, January 31, 2024


With our recent cookie jar gift, it was time for some more cookie cutters.

The last year or so, I've been picking up cookie cutters for 2nd Man.  Usually around or after a holiday when I can find some on sale/clearance and of course they are holiday themed.

This year I picked up a "Santa with his toy sack", "star", "snowflake" and the two at the top, a "cat" and a "dog".  Hey we have to have pet equality in our cookies, right?!  I paid $3 for all of these. 😉

Now we need to find a good sugar cookie recipe, perhaps one that is "healthy" for us and "regular" to share with others.


  1. Collecting cookie cutters is really a bad weakness of mine. Can't tell you how many I have that are stored in jars, clear containers, etc.

    Can use regular sugar cookie dough and use unsalted butter and honey in place of the sugar.
    It's best if you weigh each dry ingredient like flour etc.
    One year for my grand daughters birthday party, I made sugar cookie fries to go with their 'cupcake' hamburgers.

  2. i'm the same as colleen. i have SO many cookie cutters. i can't pass them up especially at thrift stores.

  3. I use my grandmother's recipe from the late 1800's. She kept them in a stone jar with a clean dish cloth over them. They were not very sweet but good since granny made them to pass out to her grandkids and handed them out with love and a hug. I will find the recipe and put it on here. It has been a while since my grand kids were young enough to want cookies.

  4. Ha! inadvertently collect cookie cutters! If I see them on sale and don't have one in the group, I buy them.

  5. Search for keto cookie recipes ... They tend to be healthier then "regular" cookies!

  6. I collected cookie cutters for many years. Just recently, I gave them to a younger cousin to enjoy. The recipe I use is my mom’s. It was on the package of Imperial brand sugar, which used to be produced in Sugarland, Texas, just southwest of Houston.
    It’s still on their website:

    1. The above recipe can be made as a drop cookie or as a roll-out cookie. For rolled cookies, roll out on a floured surface and cut with cookie cutters.

  7. I believe the whole thing is about moderation. The cookies would be a special treat.


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