Saturday, January 27, 2024


Not going to the farm this weekend.

Too much rain.

Click to enlarge. These are multi-day rainfall totals around the area.  2nd Family said we had a little over 7" total but that was before yesterday's rain.  Yep, it rained Mon/Tue/Wed and Thursday was beautiful, but heavy rains came back Friday afternoon/evening.  We are probably at about 8" of rainfall out there at this point.  Speaking of all that rain... 

This is the view from 2nd Family's front porch.  This is looking out into their front yard, toward the road where we drive in.  She said it is SO wet and standing water EVERYWHERE.  We decided to skip this weekend.  We certainly don't need to water, ha, and it's too wet to even try to do anything like moving stuff to the barn/shed, etc.  No sense in risking getting stuck or having the yard messed up.  Plus it's damp and on the chilly side so we'll run errands today.

I'm meeting some coworkers for breakfast, and then 2nd Man and I will make a Costco run to stock up healthy food items.  We're really getting into soups and trying different versions since it's Winter.  We can make a huge pot of whatever soup we decide on and with a salad before, we can eat on it for days.  Easy for weeknight meals and minimal shopping.

More later, hope you all are having a great start to the weekend and stay warm/dry wherever you are.


  1. same weather up here, cold and damp. the w's wouldn't even go walking this morning.

  2. Flood warnings for us. Our field is covered in water and the drainage ditch overwhelmed. I save any little morsel of leftovers and put in a container in the freezer labelled soup. When it is full I add it to broth and maybe some extra veg and we have mystery soup.

  3. After our week of freezing, slush, and a bit of snow one night, we had another week of rain and 60s. Now, we have a week forecast of NO RAIN and 50s. I love this coming week.

  4. We are looking at a few days in the 60s this next week! And dry ...

  5. We are loving soups too..especially on cold rainy days. One of our favorites is garlicky black eyed peas and shrimp.

  6. I got about the same amount of rain. My backyard and my extra lot with my orchard looks like your picture - standing water everywhere. Everything that survived the freeze is now in danger of drowning.
    Your soups and salads sound really good. I love soups in winter also. I covered my garden with freeze cloth, so it survived the Big Freeze. So fortunately I still have the fixings for salads and other veggie dishes.
    I freeze the bones and skin from rotisserie or roasted chickens. When I have several, I make a soup from them, some vegetables, and noodles. Refrigerate and skim off any fat that rises to the top. It is delicious and makes a rich, flavorful broth. I also make Turkey-Vegetable-Rice soup the same way with turkey bones.

  7. Seen on news that you where receiving a lot of rainfall your way.
    We received rain but not anywhere near as much as you received at the farmstead.
    Our rainfall soaked right in but then we didn't receive no hard rain; just a steady light rain; was enough to fill our 3-100 gal. water tanks.
    Not complaining, cause we really needed the rain here in our area.
    Enjoy today. 'Today Is A Good Day To Have A Good Day.'

  8. It's Sunday ... I miss your Good Food and Hobart! I hope you haven't overdone something!


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