Monday, January 29, 2024


Took this picture last Summer...

I always have to move the truck and my car at the end of mowing so I can mow the grass underneath where they were parked.  When I was pulling them back, I ended up having them side by side.  I finished mowing where they were parked and I parked the mower next to them...I went to the porch to get some water and I looked back and saw this.  Too funny.

One of these things is not like the other?

Can't wait to be cleared to mow and get back on the Zen Machine.  The timing is working out well since this is the time of year when I'm not mowing anyway, so  until then, it's almost time to get the Zen Machine 2 in for its first ever annual maintenance and get it all ready for the Spring.  And we all know that will be here before we know it.

2nd Family said final rain gauge total was 8.25 inches of rain for all of last week.  Thankfully, it was not all at once so, while the yard was flooded, the roads were clear and no creeks or rivers were in danger.


  1. You received a lot more rain than what we received.
    You are so right; Spring will be here before we know it along with mowing season and things begging to bud out.
    Like your license plate that you have on 'Ben'.
    All you need now is a big, regular farm tractor. :}
    Enjoy your evening and have a wonderful week

  2. Great picture of your 3 vehicles! Good thing the Zen Machine is getting its yearly checkup because Spring is coming! Hoping you get medical clearance in time for Spring.
    You got about an inch more rain than I had. No wonder you had a lot of standing water. I finally had to dig a small drainage ditch to drain my “pond.”
    Have a good week!

  3. I like your motor empire. That is a lot of rain! All at once and everything would be so soggy.

  4. Which is not like the others? Most would say the lawn mower, because - green, and not for road use. I'd consider the Jeep to be not like the others - the truck and lawn mower rarely leave the farm.
    I'm glad the rain came slow enough to soak in!


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