Thursday, May 9, 2024


So the other night, "J" from 2nd Family (they live at the front of the property that butts up next to ours) sent us these pictures. 

First up, this one:

She said she woke up, went to the kitchen to wash her coffee cup and found this scorpion crawling around the sink.  She said that after her heart rate came down, she dispatched the scorpion as quickly as possible.


And then she sent this one:

The dogs were barking one night and checked her front porch to find this little guy/gal creeping around.

We've always had a soft spot for them, yes they aren't as cute as raccoons, but they do eat a lot of bugs and things.  We even rescued a baby opossum from a pool and bottle fed it for a day until we could get it to the wildlife rehab center.  It was raised and released into a rural park.  Nothing wrong with that.

Scorpions though?  No thank you.  Side note, one of my grandmothers used to tell us, right before we'd get into bed, "check for stingin' scorpions, spiders and mice before you get in".  Thanks Grandma, I'll sleep better now...NOT!  However, we understand, no matter how "tight" our house will be, that will most likely be our new normal.  We live in nature, we have to share it!


  1. Make sure you get some chickens at the new place ... They will eat scorpions!

  2. I have never seen a scorpion, except when I look in the mirror as my star sign is Scorpio

  3. No Thank You on the scorpions. Thank goodness we don't have them here.
    Opossum R ok. We see them around here every once in awhile.
    They come out mostly at night to eat. (they have better eyesight at night) They also have a very keen sense of smell. They like to go dumpster diving searching for food scraps and they also eat fruit and veggies as well as eggs, along with grains. Anyone who has cats and / or dogs; they will eat pet food, so make sure you don't leave any pet food out at night.
    Last year we even had a rather large snapping turtle. I kept my distance from it. Have no idea where it came from, but hubby noticed it when he was mowing.
    Enjoy your evening

  4. Yikes, a scorpion! When I was a kid, we added on to our house. Afterwards, we had an infestation of scorpions. Apparently, they came in with the new wood. For a couple of months, my sister and I were afraid to sleep in the new addition until all the scorpions were eliminated.
    I live at the edge of town, so I sometimes see a possum on my back patio, snacking on any leftover cat food. And I once saw a big raccoon doing the same thing. A cottontail rabbit lived in my yard for a few months. They are all welcome.


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