Sunday, May 26, 2024


It's a hot weekend here...feels like over 105 degrees.  Today is some rest.  Farm was Friday, yesterday we spent most of the day running an errand and so today is a good one for rest.  Friday night after I got back from the farm, 2nd Man made dinner.

Blackened redfish over a bed of saffron infused mixed grains and topped with some cilantro and tomatoes.  So delicious.  Today I'm making our BBQ ribs and coleslaw  traditional meal for race weekend (revamped to be more heart healthy).  Since it's still in the oven, no pics of that.  But it sure smells good!

Regular blog readers know that we are racing fans.  Today is one of the "big days" in racing...

First it's the Indianapolis 500, though as this posts, they are under weather delays at the track and there are big storms blowing in.  So that might happen today, later tonight or perhaps tomorrow.

And then later this afternoon is the NASCAR Coca Cola 600.  The weather there is sunny and clear so at least that one will happen.  One thing everyone was hoping to be able to see is that one NASCAR driver, Kyle Larson, was driving in both.  He qualified 5th for the Indy 500 and after that race, he was going to fly to NC and race in the NASCAR race.  There aren't a lot of drivers that attempt that but he is going to.  Unfortunately, the weather may not let that happen.

Hobart on the other hand is not interested...

He was awake for a moment after we got him swaddled up in his warm fuzzy blanket...

...and then promptly said leave me alone, I've got some sleeping to to.  And he was out!  Because...



  1. I'm with Hobart when it comes to the car races! 🥱

  2. The redfish dinner looks wonderful! 😋 Did Hobart ask for a taste of it?

  3. The dinner looks good, I love fish of any kind. I am cat setting for my grand cat this month. My kids went to Germany, so Stormy gets to stay with her Gram and gram likes that.


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