Tuesday, May 28, 2024


 The Zen Machine 2 is back!  They put a rush on it and even with the Derecho that struck the area, they got it done quickly and delivered it back to us on Thursday.  So, with the long weekend already here, I took off Friday so I could go out and mow.

This is where they parked it, next to the truck.  I grabbed the key and hopped on.

Here is the front yard before...sure it's lush and green but it's TOO lush, ha.  During mowing however, I did have a couple of incidents...

First I ran over what I believe to have been a purple yoga mat!  It was under this bush and since neither of us nor 2nd Family are into yoga, it was blown in by the storm last week.  The grass was blocking most of it and of course when I hit it, it came out in a hundred bits, ha.  But hey, at least the purple matches the flowers on the bush!

Then, sadly, I ran over a snake.

I have edited the photo to not show the gory other end but we wanted to see if anyone recognized this snake variety?  I say sadly, because I never want to run over and harm any creature if I can avoid it.  The grass was just so tall that I did not see it.  I used a shovel to move it over to an open area so I could get a picture of it.  If it's a dangerous one though, maybe I'll rethink my "sadly" comment, ha.

One of the trails that I use to go mow around one part of the property is now blocked.  We'll have to figure out how to get this cleared so I can get back there.  We're sure there are other trees down but they are in areas we don't need to get to at this time, so we'll let nature take care of those trees.

This is the front yard as I finished.  One thing about the farm grass, it's resilient.  Freeze, drought, flood, it just come back greener than ever.

And here it is finished.  Much neater as usual.

Because I couldn't get to a few areas, it was a bit shorter than a usual longer mow but it definitely looks better and I am relieved.  I was really worried about the mower taking longer to get back but now it's back.

This was the temp after I finished everything and was ready to leave.  Our high was 94, but because of our weather and humidity, the "feels like" was 108!   It's only getting hotter, earlier.  I decided to call it a day.  No sense in getting my heart rate up (FYI, it stayed around 102 while mowing).

Here is the mower, freshly cleaned after the mow and back in the shed where it belongs.

It is ready for the next mowing! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend.


  1. Would it be better to take a little chainsaw to those downed branches and clear that blocked area a bit? You might be able to use the wood if you are going to have a fire pit or a fireplace with your new build.

  2. The snake looks like a Black Rat Snake.
    We had severe storms that moved in early this morning. Strong winds and heavy rains and still raining. Tornado warnings in some areas
    Enjoy your day and have a wonderful evening

  3. Your yard always looks so beautiful after mowing - like a park!
    I think the snake was a Speckled King Snake. It’s nonvenomous. It eats rats, mice, other snakes, and other mammals and reptiles.
    Could you use your lawnmower to help clear the downed branches from your paths? By tying a rope or chain around them and pulling them out with your mower?

    1. I think you are so right about it being a King snake.
      Scroll down to #8. https://thepetenthusiast.com/black-and-white-snakes/

  4. One snake pretty much looks like another to me, but I don't get up close and personal with them

  5. When Nature takes care of it, the area will just be brambles, poison oak/ivy, more snakes, more labor. It is easy to get to now. I like the grass looking lush, not so short. But, you know that, and it is your yard. I am glad your machine was returned quickly.

  6. It is so hot and dry here in Florida. We could use some rain. Yesterday I was about 5 miles from home, and it poured rain and not a drop at my house. We are about to go into hurricane season and they predict 25 hurricanes this year, small and big ones, we should get plenty of rain then.

  7. My goodness how great y'all are doing. Haven't posted in awhile . Between covid and this homestead its been rough.


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