Tuesday, May 7, 2024


You know me, never one to pass up on a cool plant/tree/bush and with Arbor Day recently, we got the Olive tree you saw last week.  A couple weeks ago, I  found a fun one online (Texas nursery) and ordered it.

Took it out and got it transplanted into a pot (for now).

This is after I got it into a clay pot. It'll go into a bigger pot once it gets a bit bigger.

We were watching food/cooking shows recently, as we often do, and saw them making some food dishes using curry leaves.  Now this is NOT the same as the curry powder...curry powder is made by blending spices.  This is a tree and the leaves are used and it doesn't really have any curry familiar smell, it's an odd smell but supposed to be a delicacy.  We shall see!

These are used in cooking Indian and other Middle Eastern dishes, usually by adding to a sauce or stew or cooking in a bit of neutral oil to flavor it and use the oil to cook meat.  It will be an adventure!

In addition to culinary uses, it is supposed to be healthy for the body too.  Hey, we can always use something that will be healthy!  There are a couple more plants (bushes) we'd like to find that 2nd Man can eventually use in his cooking, we're on the hunt for those now. 

Stay tuned!


  1. Sounds like you can use it like bay leaves are used!

  2. lol I initially read it as Curly Leaf tree (that needed water). I like curry leaf better! Deb

  3. I also read curly leaf tree and read on checked again yeah it doe say curry leaf, I do not like curry and have never heard of this tree till now

  4. We have friends from Sri Lanka who grow and use this in their cookery.

  5. I started cooking with curry leaves for a foreign dish - think you will love having them that you can pick fresh. They have a lovely flavor - they should be called something else because they aren't anything like curry as we think of it. Enjoy!

  6. this is great! i have trouble getting really fresh ones here so having your own tree is perfect. i have bay trees and i love them. joyce

  7. Another interesting tree to add to your orchard! 2nd Man will have quite a selection of cooking items to choose from!

  8. Sweet. Another tree added to your citrus orchard. After all it does belong to the citrus family but wat for them pesty insects; not only will them insects invest your orange and lemon trees but will also infest your curry leaf tree. You may want to sprinkle some DE or Neem Oil to help in taking care of them nasty insects.
    If you bought the curry tree mainly for it's leaves then remove the flowers so that the tree can concentrate more on the leaves and not so much on the flowers and fruit.
    You can dry the leaves and use much like you would the bay leaves but only pick the fresh leaves.
    Enjoy your day; stay safe


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