Friday, May 24, 2024


 One thing my nutritionist said to eat a lot of, is greens.  Super healthy.  So when we were shopping at the grocery store to stock up (HEB), we saw this bag:

Great Greens Trio from HEB

They call it their "Great Greens Trio" and great they are.  It's a bag of precut and pre-washed combination of collard/mustard/turnip greens.  It is twelve cups (according to serving size) and 1 lb by weight.

We decided to try freezing them, so after cleaning them and drying them in the salad spinner just to make sure, we put them in a gallon vacuum freezer bag.  At first it looked like it wouldn't fit but I poured some in, shook it down a few times until they all fit.  When the vacuum process starts, it shrank it down perfectly.  You can see the vacuum sealed bag in the photo next to the bag as they come from the store.

We froze them and have used them in soups and casseroles and other dishes.  It's a perfect solution.  We have bought them and used them fresh from the bag as well.  It's a great combination of flavorful greens and we are obsessed with them, ha. Hey, they are super good for us too!  That's a win/win!

When we start planting a Fall garden again, we'll make our own "Great Greens Trio", ha.

I'm off today, more on that in the next post!


  1. Sounds alright if you like that type of food, which I don't

  2. We both love greens, mixed or singly. I put a huge bag in a 3-gallon pot on the eye and have to mash the greens to get them all inside the pot. Tommy is shocked they are only two-inches high in the pot in a few minutes. I would cook them and then freeze, but that is just me. I put kale in potato soup and I just melted eating that dish. I put greens in beans sometimes.

  3. Great idea to vacuum seal and freeze these nutritious greens for future cooking.
    One of my favorite things about a Fall-Winter garden is the opportunity to plant a variety of greens, available all the time for soups, stir fries, and other dishes.


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