Friday, September 9, 2011


Chinese Pistache Tree in Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
We have an area on the farm where there is a back pasture that belongs to 2nd family.  We were thinking of planting some trees along the fence line, as a kind of wind break from that big field, and to give us, and them, something nice to look at.

I found an interactive "tree guide" for Texas online and every time I searched, I kept coming up with a list of trees that included this one, the "Chinese Pistache".  The arborists at Texas A&M rank it as one of the best shade providing, easy to grow trees in Texas.  Once established, they are even drought tolerant, which could be important in future seasons.  Another feature is that they have year round style and color.  Most all the landscaping on the farm is green and then goes to "dormant" in Winter with no color.  These actually turn red, orange and yellow in the Fall.  That would be a welcome change.

Click HERE for more information about it.

Flash forward to yesterday when I was at the Houston Garden Center and I found a whole bunch of them, on sale of course for 70% off.  I'm trying to decide on getting them and, if so, how many to get.  Of course, the trees are small and it will be a few years before they are mature and providing what we need...
...but we've always realized this farm project is a long term investment for our future, and so we can get something small now and let them grow and turn into something nice.  I'll keep you posted.

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