Monday, September 12, 2011


Planters on fence posts
While we don't have a fence out there just yet, I really thought this was a cool idea.  Putting planters like this on each post and filling them with plants.  I could see them filled with tall flowers, or something pretty and colorful cascading down the sides.  Should be very easy to do.

I'm guessing a galvanized bucket would be the best thing to use (at least that's what we would use) but you could probably just as easily use plastic or anything else you find.  Just drill a hole near the top edge, put a nail on the fencepost, and then hang the planter just like you would hang a picture on the wall.  Oh, and don't forget a drainage hole in the bottom either, otherwise your plants will "suffocate" from too much water.

A neat and simple project!  We can't wait to do little "extra" things like this!

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