Saturday, September 17, 2011


BIG day at the farm today, we get to see all the work that was done this week.  The contractor/painter tells me that all the sheetrock is done, the new walls are in, the doorway is covered up, they supposedly finished up wood trim yesterday, started putting texture on the walls.  Painting will commence next week.  The porch railing is also done, or almost done.  All the railing is up and I know one set of stairs has been built, so that will be exciting to see as well.  There will be lots of pictures and videos going up this weekend when we get back.

I might post a bunch at once, or spread them out next week.

We're also going to look at an awesome piece of furniture today that we might go ahead and get.  It's a one of a kind piece, it's really cool looking, it's bright yellow, and it will look awesome in the kitchen.  If we get it, I'll post pictures of that too.

See you back here later!

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