Sunday, September 18, 2011


Here is the electrician's progress in the mudroom.  We have OVERHEAD LIGHT!  Whoo hoo!  You don't know how exciting that is.  Other than the upper window in the door, there has never been much light in there.  Nor were there electrical outlets.  Ma had an overhead lightbulb run by extension cord and the fridge was plugged in around the corner behind it in the dining room.  So, we had three outlets put in, one on each wall (you can see one of them above), plus an overhead fluorescent light fixture (so we didn't add heat to the room).   It's so nice to flip a switch and have light in the room!  

Now we will have a place to plug in not only the refrigerator, but other places to plug in other things such as the water cooler that we moved in there yesterday, and maybe even a wine refrigerator somewhere down the road.

We are so excited!  Black and white floor coming soon, then we'll start building shelving.  Progress is happening at last!


  1. Seems to be how they did things back in the day. In our house we have random outlets. In some places we have outlets that are 5 feet up a wall, and other places the lights are run by a switch in a different room.

  2. We have a couple of switches like that, we cannot figure out what they control. We're going to have the electrician figure it out for us. I guess it was expensive to install or at least more difficult, back in the day, so it was just sort of a random thing.


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