Friday, January 6, 2012


Here is a very cool website I recently discovered.  It's caled Local Harvest, and is an AWESOME online resource for eating and shopping for food locally.  In you aren't sure what that is or what that means, essentially it's a movement that is trying to get people to eat food from local suppliers.  That means you will get the best food, the freshest food, and best of all, you will support your local farmers, and that's always an important thing.

At their WEBSITE, they have this awesome map that is interactive, meaning you can click and zoom down to where you live and see what's around you.  All those dots on the map are farms, farmer's markets, co ops, meat processors, even restaurants serving it, that are local to the area you are in.

Did you know that when you buy food at the grocery store, only 18 cents of your dollar goes to the actual farmer/grower and the other 82 cents goes to various middlemen who were involved in shipping the food?  In a perfect world, we could all do this all the time.  But I know it's not always easy, it's not always cheapest, it's not always convenient, but if you can do even a little bit and cut out the middlemen and support your local growers, that would be a huge step forward.  Every journey begins with a single step.

Buy Fresh Buy Local


Adelina said...

a great resource- i love our farmer's not willing to pay the price all the time, but that is a different thing. I guess in rural parts of the US where farming is in abundance farmer's markets are very affordable.

1st Man said...

Adelina - I totally agree with you. Even here in Houston, the prices are a little high. But like you, we do shop there as we can. We figure every little thing we can do helps. We made a goal this year to shop more often, of course, once our gardens are up and running, we might be our own farmers market, ha. Thanks for visiting and commenting, by the way, LOVE the food on your blog. Looks delicious and photographs beautifully. Keep up the good work!

becky3086 said...

No farmers market here. I wish there was. We do have farmers in trucks or with trailers who sell beside the road. I stop at them when I see something good. Most of the time it is watermelon, collards or turnips, but this fall I got tomatoes and apples from one.