Monday, January 9, 2012


Kitchenaid 7 quart Mixer in the box

2nd Man keeps asking me if I posted about his Christmas present yet.  So here is 2nd Man's sort of Christmas present.  I say sort of because we bought this before Christmas and he said he didn't need anything else for Christmas, after of course I had already Santa had delivered presents.

Unboxing the Mixer
It's a new Kitchenaid Mixer.  With two kitchens for the foreseeable future, the mixer is not one of those things we can easily move back and forth as we need it.  So we moved one of these, the older one we've had for years, out to the farm (you probably saw it in the recent kitchen pictures) and we bought this one.  It's a new version they have, it's commercial quality, and has a 7 quart bowl, with the largest motor they have ever made, 1.3 hp!  It's also the quietest one they have ever made, and trust me, as great a product it is, they've never been on the "quiet side".  They really changed it with this new one.  Running on high, you can't even hear it in other parts of the house.

Kitchenaid Mixers, Old and New
Here they are side by side (new one on the right), before they were separated, ha.  We decided to stick with white, it goes with most anything, and since we have new, white appliances out there, it was the best choice.

Me: "Wow, you sure got a nice early present"
Him: "It's for us, not just me"
Me: "How do you figure that?"
Him: "Because you get to eat the results that come from the mixer"
How can I argue with that logic?  It's absolutely true!  LOL!

Of course, still not to the point where he can go out there and cook and bake, on a regular basis, but that will be coming, soon.

And you'll have a front row seat (and recipes)!


  1. I bought myself a white KitchenAid Artisan just before Christmas. At the time, I thought -- here I go again, buying something I don't need. But, it turns out these things are really, really useful. I'd just forgotten that. Another thing -- USA made. Have fun!

  2. So smart to buy the Commercial instead of the other models. It's a little more expensive...but, will out last the other models.

  3. I'm so jealous! I've put off spending all that money on a KitchenAid, and now I'm so old I'd never live long enough to make the purchase worthwhile! I'm looking forward to 2nd Man's recipes, though.

  4. Annie's Granny---you are not so old---and as much as your sinking into the house, what's ONE MORE PURCHASE---LOL!!!

    Hope you guys get lots of years of good cooking out of that baby!

  5. Is it OK if I hate him just a little bit??? LOL. I may have to come to Houston just to play with his mixer!!!

  6. Diane, Robin, Granny, Sue, Kelly - first of all, thanks as ALWAYS for checking in. He's actually burned up a Kitchenaid once already, but he was doing way too much with it (heavy bread dough, over and over) and it was a model that had started out reconditioned anyway. So about 2 years ago, we got the other white one and then when we bought our farmhouse, we knew that was one purchase we'd have to duplicate. Yep, they'll last forever if you treat them right and it's pretty cool they are still made here in the USA. You're never too old for a new toy!

  7. Ahhh.. Kitchenaid mixers... I wish I had one in every color. My mother now has my Grandmother's old commercial model, and I have Mom's regular model. 40 years old and going strong! After a serious season of cookie dough, it's headed to the appliance shop for a long overdo repacking. I have toyed with treating myslef to a new one, but they just don't make 'em like they used to. I did get a slicer/shredder attachment for Christmas. Time to update the old gal with some long awaited accessories.

  8. SmartAlex - Funny you said that, 2nd Man said "can't I have a few in different colors and just bring them out according to season?" Um, NO. LOL! They are great. I do have one in storage that was my Grandmother's, and it's probably 40 or 50 years old too. It just needs to be cleaned up and made fresh, and that will be a project for later. Of course, guess what color it is? White! Ha. Thanks for visiting!!


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