Saturday, January 7, 2012


Mother cow and her FOUR babies
It's been awhile since I posted a 'random cuteness' photo.  I've posted a picture of a cute baby calf before, but when we saw this on the news last night, we thought it was so adorable we just had to share.

You can read the ARTICLE HERE.

Long story short, a cow at a dairy farm in Southern California gave birth to FOUR healthy, female babies.  Two are identical twins, the other two are fraternal twins.  The odds of quads being born, all female, and all alive, are almost 1 in 180,000,000.

Too cute!


becky3086 said...

Wow, that is pretty amazing.

1st Man said...

becky - Cute huh? Not that I'd want cows, but if I could have 4 that stayed that size, it would be cool, ha!