Saturday, January 28, 2012


How sad is this?  LOL!
When we loaded up the Jeep last weekend, it was full to the brim with other stuff, so we only had room for one box of books.  The box I picked was heavy and full and so of course I thought "wow, this is a lot of books!".  Um, not so much huh?

Here they are put on the shelves
(a few more are out of camera range).    They look very lonely don't they?  Probably wondering where all their other shelf mates are.

They'll be out there this weekend on the next trip today...or two...or three...and come Monday, I can have pics of full bookcases!  I think.  I plan.  I hope.


Annie's Granny said...

LOL! That so reminds me of my new giant plant propagating shelf unit! It looks so bare with just one flat of seedlings, but in a couple of months it should be filled. I'm sure your bookcases will be stuffed soon.

Tonya @ My Cozy Little Farmhouse said...

Well maybe you can add some decorative items to the bookcases as well to fill in the gaps as you build the collection of books?

1st Man said...

I love your new shelf by the way (and happy birthday again!!!). Yes, it's getting filled this weekend, I'll have pics tomorrow night (or Monday).

1st Man said...

Oh, no worries, we have plenty of books. In fact, I hope we have room for some decorative items. We've got the jeep loaded with the books, we kept some to keep in the city, and the rest are on their way to the farm tomorrow, along with some other stuff.

Frugal Living UK said...

All that shelf space! That makes me sigh. I only have one bookcase right now, but I have boxes and boxes and boxes of books and nowhere to put them! I am longing for a whole wall of shelves in which I can finally have them all out. I probably have books in boxes that I have not set eyes on for 6 years!

1st Man said...

Thanks! We were that way too. We started buying one bookcase at a time. We actually have 4, but left one in town. I wished we had room for more. An empty bookcase is just begging to be filled, ha.