Sunday, January 1, 2012


Vintage Garden Poster, World Cry, FOOD
Today is New Years Day, and it's also my vintage poster Sunday feature, and I thought this seemed appropriate for both.  There is something about this one that makes me think of a New Year.  

This vintage poster is from 1918, WWI of course.  The US Food Administration put this poster out to remind people that the world cry was for food...and the home front needed to keep the gardens going.

I think the world cry has always been for food, then and now, and the more of us growing our own in our own gardens, the better.

Here's to a bountiful 2012!


Bee Girl said...

I love this! Happy 2012 to you and 2nd man!!!

1st Man said...

Bee Girl - Thank you so much, and same to you and Tool Lady!!