Saturday, January 14, 2012


This might seem like an odd post, but 2nd Man asked that I post it for him so he could share his own little tip and trick.  We frequently roast food in the oven, chicken, pork chops, steaks, veggies, etc.

Roasting on a sheet pan can invariably create a lot of cleanup and scrubbing and with our recent drought, using lots of water washing it up afterward.

So this is our trick for easier and faster cleanup:

We put down some heavy duty foil (it's thicker and more durable), making sure it overlaps the edge a bit, and then lay a piece of parchment on top of that.  Then when your dish is done, simply fold it up, carefully of course, and throw away. 

Foil, Parchment and lots of bits and fat
Fold up carefully into a packet shape, juices and all.
Almost clean
A clean sheet pan ready to put in the cabinet
Now, we don't do this EVERY time we roast something, but when we're pressed for time or have company coming over, it's certainly a time saver.

Plus it keeps 2nd Man's pans looking good as new, so he can use them for other baking projects.


  1. What the heck is a "PORCH CHOP"? I hard of burning wood, But roasting it? LOL!

  2. Tom - LOL! That was a typo. I did spell check...of course "porch" was spelled right. They need to make a computer that knows what we meant, haha. That made me laugh, thanks for not letting me leave it up too long. :-)

  3. Somehow after useing tin foil in my cooking pans are in terrible shape..I need to either throw them out or use some easy off..Hubby has been promising to "get to them" for me , but when! Maybe I'll go on a cooking strike :o)

  4. Ginny - Hmmm, that's weird. That pan in the picture that I used is probably at least 5 years old...and we use it all the time. Easy off should work great though. I bet if you went on strike, they'd be brand new in about 2 days, ha. I've seen your amazing cooking on your blog! :-)

  5. A fascinating blog! As 1st man said we can make use of this sheet pan for many years to make various yummy dishes. Thanks for the tip on how to keep the sheet pan clean during roasting!


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