Thursday, June 20, 2013


SIGH.  That's all I can really say about this week's inspiration.

As soon as I saw it, I imagined part of our yard set aside to something like this.  Of course it requires constant watering and at this point, I have to figure that out for the vegetables first, flowers will have to come later.

They are so pretty though!

Have a great day, it's almost the weekend!

Be inspired!


  1. It IS gorgeous, but I am starting to water today.

  2. It is so pretty. I love flowers.

  3. my watering started again this morning. we are on for a long hot spell...blah! those flowers sure are pretty!

  4. A cutting garden is not as hard as it looks. Start with the simple things like Zinnias and sunflowers and add more each year. YOU CAN DO IT!

  5. You can run a simple irrigation system - an old hose with holes in draped between the rows, and just turn on for a short while as required (or even add a timer) - if you grow these as a bed in your veggie garden, they will give the added benefit of companion planting and draw away pests from your delicious produce. Definitely start with some marigolds, they keep away all manner of pests and help reduce nematodes in the soil. Their not just pretty faces. xx

    1. Grrrrr - bad grammar/spelling - that should say "They're not just pretty faces" :/

  6. Flowers are great companions for the veggie garden. Marigolds are supposed to deter bugs. Sunflowers for eating. Plenty of other flowers for eating, attracting beneficial insects, or deterring away from your food.


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