Thursday, June 13, 2013


In ground fire pit, image from Sunset Living
Here is something I've wanted at the farm since, well, way before we ever had it.  When we would visit 2nd Family for birthday's, holiday's, etc, invariably we all ended up (on cool evenings for sure) sitting around their fire pit just staring.

What is it about fire that fascinates us so much?

Anyway, I saw this picture a while back, before we ever bought the property, and it's pretty close to what I imagined I'd like to have in our yard.  I like the metal ring, the flat stones, the gravel and even those cool little benches.  I also envision something perhaps a bit more comfortable like Adirondack chairs or similar, but I must admit, the benches draw me as well.

I've already identified the area on the property where something like this will go.  That could actually end up on this year's bucket list, but if not, it's definitely on the 3rd year of our 5 year plan and so it would roll to next year.

In the meantime, enjoy and as always,

Be inspired!


jaz@octoberfarm said...

i use my firepit more than anything else in my garden.

Linda said...

I am with you on chairs instead of benches. Until you are ready to start, you could collect stray bricks or stones.

Sandy said...

1st Man,

A nice fire pit and some comfy chairs makes for a nice evening out on the property. Heck, I would even pitch a tent and sleep under the stars :-)

1st Man said...

I kind of figure that will be the same here (though you have more cooler nights than we do, ha).

1st Man said...

Yeah, the benches 'look' neat, I like the way these are curved but I'm guessing after a long day, sitting upright on a bench is not the most comfortable thing, ha. We have stray bricks!! I blogged about it, a while back wondering what to do with them, and this would be a great idea. Thank you.

1st Man said...

That's what I want to have a place to relax and yes, even doze off perhaps. Does that count as sleeping under the stars? LOL!

Karen Thompson said...

Our fire pit isn't as glamorous as this one. It's a pile of bush rocks around in a circle with an old - but solid - outdoor furniture set's chairs and benches in a circle around it. Only problem is when the donkey's want to be involved and knock over the furniture ;o)


1st Man said...

LOL! Too funny about the donkeys. We won't have to worry about that, but yeah, ours might end up being rocks in a circle. Nothing wrong with that. It's all about the fire and seating, nothing else matters, right? ha! Thanks for stopping by!