Sunday, June 16, 2013


The cows, for a change, did not seem the least bit interested in my goings on.  I guess they are either used to me by now, or had more important things on their minds this weekend.

Some more wildflowers sprang up after the rains last week.  They added a little color along the fence line and I did not mow over them.  I'll leave them be until they stop blooming, then I'll mow that spot.  

It was a cloudy day with a bit of breeze but hot, very hot. It started out cloudy and kind of dark which made the first hour of mowing very nice.  No hot sun glaring down and I had a "relatively" cool breeze blowing.  It didn't last long though.

Bee update, there were still a few hanging around, but not as many.  I think there were six here when I took this picture when I arrived and then when I left, they were gone. I can only hope they made it safely to where they were going.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

a bee mystery indeed. i wonder what that is about!

Laurie said...

great photos, I was wondering if you found out about the bees, beautiful wild flowers!