Sunday, June 30, 2013


Save Kitchen Waste for Hens, vintage image courtesy of the UK Imperial Museum
Sorry for delay in posting.  I thought I had this on automatic and then went to the farm and realized it didn't post when I got back.

This one is another fun one.  I have posted a couple of similar posters with this same theme, but both of them related to saving scraps for pigs.  This one asks people to save scraps for hens (but mentions pigs in the caption).  It dates to WWII, the 1940's of course, and comes to us from the UK.

The hens look excited don't they?  LOL.

Residents could get a pail or bucket from the Council and just put food scraps and related waste in there and it would be picked up weekly.  Of course, it was for food waste only, as it says on the poster, keeping it dry and free of glass, metal, bones and paper.

As you may have seen from yesterday's post, it's been record breaking heat here, so most of my activities have been limited to indoors only, and as it should be.  This is dangerous heat.


John Gray said...

I adore this poster
And will steal it ( if that's ok) for my blog xx

1st Man said...

It's an awesome poster, I'd love to have an original. Of course you are welcome to use it. Enjoy!!!

Lorilee said...

Love the poster, so would my hens! It is hot in my part of Texas as well. Definitely good clothesline weather! Some items are dry before I finish hanging the load.

Joani said...

Awesome poster. It has been hot here too. Fall/winter can't come soon enough!

1st Man said...

Thanks! Yes, it's so hot, oh my gosh, I can imagine the clothes are dry almost immediately, ha. Stay cool!

1st Man said...

And we still have all of July and August. Ugh. It's going to be a looooong Summer. Thanks for stopping by, as always!!! Much appreciated!

Bee Girl said...

It really is the only way to go ;-) LOVE this poster!!!