Saturday, June 8, 2013


Yay, the weekend is finally here!

We'll be at the farm of course.  It's time to mow and edge, and 2nd Man will be (inside where it's cool, LOL) cleaning and dusting.  The skies are partly cloudy and it's hot, mid 90's.  But thanks to a freaky late cool front, we have low humidity, and nighttime temps in the 60s which is a plus for us.  The payoff after I mow is the nice green and clean looking yard.  The picture below is from last week but shows the end result.  I do need some color though, the green is pretty, but it's getting boring and I want color, ha. 

I'll need to get some flowering bushes planted soon.  I'm currently researching drought tolerant plants for our area that provide color so that I can not worry about having the watered daily.

Hope you are having a great start to the weekend!
More later!


  1. Hello! It's really a beautiful meadow :D Don't know what sort of plants you want but you may want to try Lavender, Asters, Siberian iris, Anise hyssop (yes they are all purple I love purple color :D ) or Smokebush and lilacs :)

  2. The green looks nice, but I can imagine a few colorful flowers here are there will be a nice counterpoint!

  3. Lilacs won't grow here, it is too hot and does not get cold enough in the winter. Zinnias are easy and bloom in all sorts of colors. For next year look into Beebalm and Yarrow, they naturalize and will spread if you want that cottage or meadow look. My yarrow just finished blooming and the beebalm is starting. Lantana is always good as it is a native plant and blooms several times a year.

  4. I think that it's beautiful and flowering plants will only make it even more so.

  5. On plant I have here, planted by previous owner that I have not managed to kill so far, you might try is bougainvilleas, comes in several colors, but has nasty thorns. Every time I think I have killed it little bit of water and it comes back, even freezing did not kill it. Another plant that might be ok week to week is geraniums I have several in large pots with tray on the bottom. If you use a heavy mulch around the plants they should be ok, or how about your water timer on a soaker hose.

  6. 1st Man,

    Anything that grows and stays alive, I love :-)

    A friend of mine has a rock garden with a pond in the middle and it's just as beautiful as colorful flowers and she doesn't have to weed it. Check out Gail's blog At The Farm.


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