Friday, May 12, 2017


Regular readers know that I have a new favorite place to look for bargains...our downstairs trash area!  Our building has trash chutes on every floor and they feed into a separate room, but for boxes and other things that people can't put in the chute, there is an area (indoor) near the loading dock, where people can put the things they don't want.  I've found several cool items so far.

Galvanized tub
And last week, I found this when I checked the area right before heading to the farm.  A great, large, galvanized tub!  It's nice and "worn" giving it that old look but it's still solid and intact.  Now we just have to figure out how we'll end up using it.  

Old galvanized tub
Sure there is the obvious, a planter, but we have raised beds everywhere, flowerbeds around the house and random clay pots in every shape and size. Plus we don't really want to drill holes in it in case we want to use it for something else later that needs to 'hold' the water in.  

We were kind of thinking of saving it for using outside to hold ice with drinks in it, like a cooler.  We also want an outdoor cooking area and this might make a really fun "sink" at some point.  Or a place to rinse veggies in the garden?  

Whatever we end up using it for, it was free and will serve a new purpose in its second life...


  1. OMG. Lucky You.
    Make or get a stand; put in a drain plug, set by your garden hose and use as vessel/ outdoor sink for washing up before coming in the house.
    Use for storing your garden hose in
    find an old galvanized watering can and with that and your tub; turn into a garden water display

    When you have gatherings out at the farm; fill with ice and sue as a cooler to chill that wine, beer or soft drinks.
    Get a rolling  plant stand for the tub to set onto,  set a piece of glass or large circle of wood on top and use as 'end' table on your porch to set you drinks, etc. on.
    Make into a small fairy garden
    At Halloween; stick in a couple of Mum plants and fill in with variety of pumpkins.  Christmas, stand up your tree inside the bucket and wrap outside of bucket with burlap and tie with big red ribbon & bow.

    Or just for d├ęcor and just hang it up on your porch

    Use it to bathe your cats but good luck with that way. :} Cute picture here;

  2. another great find! i have some of these and i use them when i have parties to hold wine, beer and soft drinks as well as water. if you have a few of them you can stack them and turn them upside down and use them as a table on the porch when you aren't using them to hold drinks.

  3. I have a tub just like it next to my front door. I don't have flower beds, so mine has flowers planted in it.


  4. allrighty. get ready for it. fill it with water. cover it with a black garbage bag or a black tarp if you are fancy. let it sit in the sun all day and....


    oh ya baby. i went there - bahahahahah!

    sending love and love your latest find! your friend,

  5. Cool find. Just keep it as is and one day you will have a eureka moment and know exactly what you want to do with it

  6. Brilliant find - and when the time is right its new purpose will become clear.

  7. You cab still grow plants in it. Just place water bottles or coke bottle in the bottom on their side. Place pots over it. The foliage of the plants will hide the fact the tub is not full of dirt. or Hanging it on the side of the house or barn would make it handy when you need it. That's a cool find.

  8. That was a perfect find for your Farm!
    I googled images for galvanized tub ideas:
    Seating/ottoman/pet bed - add foam inside and an fabric cover
    Woodbin - I think a wood-burning stove at your Farmhouse would be wonderful!

  9. Love... in the meantime you can fill with gravel, add random candles and have your own little fire pit! laura

  10. You could roll towels and use it for storage. Such a great find with much loved patina. Lots of great ideas in the comments.

  11. I would use it for cold drinks in the summer. Although I would be sorely tempted to put all the dog toys in it.

  12. 1st Man,

    Great find!!! I have my tubs punctured with holes and strawberry plants in them. If you have a wood stove you could store some logs in the tub.


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