Friday, July 24, 2020

FIRST OF THE SEASON the middle of a pandemic and under quarantine, now we have a tropical storm headed in our general direction..the first this season.

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Last night the depression in the Gulf of Mexico was upgraded to tropical storm Hanna.  The good news is that the new forecasted landfall is further South from us so we should be spared a direct hit.  

The downside is that they predict we'll still get a lot of rain.  Shouldn't be a flooding event, thank goodness but still a few inches of rain.

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Of course that means this is the forecast for us.  The rain will start today and continue well into next week.  90% chance means yep, it's gonna rain pretty much everywhere.  Nest week, with the 60% chance, we hope it falls more on the 40% chance it won't ha.  

But if anything good to share is that the pandemic/quarantine has prepared us better than ever.  We don't need to leave the apartment at all.  We've got food/water and everything we need.  We're good.  2nd Family will keep us updated on the farm and what's going on out there.  We think the farm is far enough away from where the heaviest rain will be that we might get spared the worst of it out there.  Still should be some rain, which we need.  The ground was cracking last weekend but we don't need flooding, that's for sure!

Image via NOAA,org
And then to top things off, there's this...Gonzalo is out there floating around for us to keep an eye on this time next week!

And now we wait...


  1. Been watching this on the news. You may get some rain but I think the way it looks it will be moving further South of the Houston area.
    Either way; Stay Safe
    Have a great weekend

  2. what's next? locusts? grasshoppers? stay safe, you three.

  3. I think we will just get some much needed rain in this area but not any flooding. Like at your Farm, I’ve got cracks in my yard and parts of my garden.

  4. Thankfully we don't get storms like that here in the uk. We could do with some rain as the playing fields are brown through lack of water.

  5. It's clouding up here so hopefully we'll get a nice shower of rain.
    Bound to get rain being hubby is on a weeks vacation again starting tomorrow. No matter when he is on vacation we Always get rain.


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