Monday, July 20, 2020


Houston, we have a harvest!

Not huge but not too bad all things considered (heat/no rain/automated watering issues).

We got three yellow squash.  They look pretty good and of course we had to harvest some basil.

And look...

...tomatoes! (and more basil, ha).

I pulled all the red ones and two yellowish ones fell off as I was reaching in to get them.  There are still more that are green so the cover has been working as we had hoped.  We are hopeful that the green ones remaining on the plants will turn over the next week or two.

The plants however are very scraggly and there are zero blooms on them so with these near 100 degree temps, we're guessing tomato season is over.  Even the squash vine is starting to fade.  Not the best season we've had but we got started late because of the pandemic and focusing on prepping while stores were closing down around us.  At least we got something in the end and had fun with the distraction from the other stuff going on in the world.


  1. Start of a great harvest. Toss me a tomato and I will make me a BLT for lunch. :}
    You can start new tomato plants from cutting off the 'suckers' of which I have done. Once they start to root, plant in a container.

    Maybe if you prune your tomato plants would help. (pruning tomatoes)

  2. we are getting 6-12 cukes every 3-4 days from one plant. we take the extras to a local food bank so they don't go to waste. spouse has harvested some cherry tomatoes from one plant. still waiting on big boy tomatoes.

  3. I think my garden is over, too. I certainly did not even get as much as you.

  4. good ideas from Collleen above ... wish we could grow tomatoes here in Tucson AZ but it just gets so hot the skins get hard and the tomato can't expand... then a bird or bug does pierce the skin and it splits and the good goo runs out or they eat it first so we gave up ... all this plus three waters a day and bird nets ... too much!! Sure wish for those wonderful tomatoes we used to get in Washington from Eastern Washington ... we lived a mile or so from a wonderful farm store that brought truck loads of produce over every day ... soooo good ... we were indeed spoiled as Tucson produce doesn't hold a candle.

  5. I live in Tomato country, they are planting them now, field after field, some are ready to pick in south Florida as I see the trucks hauling them to the packing house. You might get a tomato from Ruskin, Florida, that is my home town. The do cut all the leggy limbs of and make them more of a bush than a vine. They are planted on ridges so you can pick them without bending over. The fields will open for u-pick in the fall and they will be cheap then. I like the green ones to fry, yummy.

  6. I'm sooooo jealous about your ripened tomatoes. I have tons of green tomatoes and we are waiting (patiently) for the first sight of pink! Happy to hear you were able to get some sort of harvest in this very unusual year. You're so right - the garden was a good distraction indeed.

  7. Nice harvest! I used gardening as a distraction too, and I hate gardening, but the payoff has been pretty amazing so far. I can't keep up with the zucchini we are getting daily and we are averaging 1/2 pound of green beans every day too. The okra has just begun to produce, and for the first time ever my tomatoes are actually getting large enough to harvest. All credit is due to GrayGreg, the mercenary cat who moved into the neighborhood with his human companions last winter. No more tomato plant climbing chipmunks!

  8. Great pictures of your squash, tomatoes, and basil – and you staged them beautifully! I’m so happy that your later planting still produced.
    I’m going to make okra gumbo today with okra, peppers, and the last of tomatoes from my garden.

  9. The vegetables look great and you photographed them beautifully. Congrats on the harvest, small is fine, the taste is worth it. Janie V


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