Monday, July 13, 2020


We are in the midst of a heatwave here.  Sunday we made it to 100.  Saturday when I went to the farm it was 97 for a high...

...with a feels like of 107.  Ugh.  With the stay at home suggestion (we're not yet under a lockdown), it's really just go to the farm, do what I need to do and come back.  Don't stop anywhere along the way, ha.

The skies were clear but it sure was hot.  Thankfully, the Zen Machine was back, having been delivered Friday.  So I mowed.  It was a mess.  I should have taken a "before picture" but I was just trying to get it done as quickly as possible.

As it turns out, I was on the mower almost two hours.  It was thick.  Plus I had to go back over areas to disperse the clippings more evenly.  I mowed it short once again.

This time of year, in this heat, the less I have to do the better.  So after a couple of hours on the mower I called it a day for mowing.  The original plan was to edge as well.  THAT didn't happen.  As I told 2nd Man in a text, we don't have to worry about curb appeal and we don't have a Homeowners Association to tell us otherwise, ha.  It's a bit out of control around the fruit trees and the barn and shed but hey, it is what it is.

Of course in this heat watering is the most important thing to do so I watered the fruit trees well, all the stuff on the porch and made sure the garden watering system was still working.  The plants looked a bit wilted so I changed the watering schedule to be more often.  The tomatoes though are starting to turn a pale orange so we should have those soon and the squash has a lot of blossoms so maybe we have more squash coming.

By then it was mid afternoon, hottest time of day and so I headed back into town.

When I got home, 2nd Man had spaghetti and meatballs ready for me.  Also a salad and some garlic bread.  It was so good and very filling, I needed the carbs, ha.

Have a couple other updates on things I've blogged about so I'll post that tomorrow and/or Wednesday.

The city of Houston wants to go on a mandatory lockdown again but the Governor says no.  However, word is that may change soon.  Our numbers are on an almost straight line up on the graph (new cases/hospitalizations/deaths) so we have to do something, this isn't sustainable.



  1. screw your idiot gov! and your lt. gov too! IDIOTS!

    that sketti dinner looks dee-lish.

  2. I just had dinner, but i could eat the spaghetti, too. That picture makes me hungry. We must wear masks and some things are closed, not all.

  3. Yes, it is sooo hot now with this heat wave. My water bill is going to be bad this month. The early morning and evening are the only times possible to be outside for any length of time. I don’t blame you for doing just the bare minimum at the Farm.
    After seeing your delicious plate of spaghetti, I had to make some for supper – mmm!

  4. Darn Hot. Too darn hot to do much of anything but I do have a table that I need to finish sanding and stained.

    Was able to get our yard mowed as well. Always a good job to get done & out of the way; at least for another week anyway.
    Saturday, going into town, our AC quit working in the truck, so was without air in the truck all weekend but lucky enough we had no place that we had to be.
    Ended up having to put in a blower motor. Hubby had to work yesterday, so our mechanic came to parking lot & fixed it right there in the Home Depot parking lot.

    Spaghetti & meatballs.........Looks Fantastic. I haven't made that in ages.
    Take care, stay safe & keep cool.
    Bring On The Snow! :}

  5. Just a thought.... you may be mowing a little *too* short. I used to do that, until my husband told me thatI was cutting it so short that the grass was actually stressed. Better to leave it a bit longer so it stays thick and healthy enough to crowd out weed invaders.

  6. Hi guys long time no blogged,my bad. I seen the heatwave,we've had too much rain here. Hoping ya'll are doing well during this time.Place looks great! Me got birdies!!!


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