Wednesday, July 8, 2020


First...a little good news.  We have, er, had, ONE SINGLE BLUEBERRY...

A single blueberry of course we aren't trying to grow them to harvest yet, they are still in their containers on the porch in the shade but hey, I'll take one to sample.  I couldn't share with 2nd Man so I was on my own.  So sweet and delicious.  I hope that we can make these work in raised bed containers so that they grow well enough to get some fresh blueberries.  They are one of our favorite berries.

Now comes the part we need advice with:

Wasp nest in blueberry bush

WASPS!  There are two LARGE wasp nests in the bushes.  Now for the ones that pop up around the house (up in the eaves) we use regular wasp/hornet spray.  However, I can't spray that on bushes, especially edible bushes.  The spray can kill plants and of course poison anything edible. 

We need to get rid of them not only so the plants can be moved but just to be able to water them or at least move them to a sunnier spot on the porch.  I'm not about to pick them up like this and get stung.

Been there, done that, LOL!

So does anyone have any idea on how to get rid of them without harming the bushes?  Any home-brew concoctions or other methods?


  1. Ask a beekeeper or call in pest control!

  2. To be on safe side, Put on your honey bee gear and then go to work in removing them. The guy on the radio around here recommends waiting till dusk, getting a wet/dry vac, placing the vac hose over the entrance to the nest, and sucking them all out. After you’re done, put something over the vac hose, then leave them to marinate in the hot sun for a day or two to make sure they’re dead.

    Look for a spray that has just peppermint oil, its a nerve toxin to them.
    If you can get a hose there you can easily knock off the nest with a strong stream of water at a safe distance .

    If you don't feel safe doing any of the above; call and talk to a bee or wasp remover keeper in your area to see what he / she would suggest .

    Good luck & be careful. Keep us informed of the outcome

  3. My husband uses Spectracide Wasp and Hornet Spray. You can stand up to 15 feet away from the nest and spray a foam that when it hits the nest it grows and covers the nest, stops them because it attacks their nervous system and they will drop and die. I read the can and it doesn't say anything about having to take precautions around vegetation. David has had to spray several nests in my lemon trees and they drop dead right away and no damage. I would like to say if you do use any type of spray, wear surgical gloves so the residue doesn't get on your skin. One other thing I have no idea if it's safe around fruit or veggies.

  4. I knock down nests with a broom handle. I was told it was best to do it early in the morning. I don't know if my method is a good idea for you because that's a metric fuck ton of wasps.


    1. Metric fuck ton = Lots (in Canadian)

    2. My daughter used to have an English boyfriend who said metric fuck ton. I got in the habit of it.

  5. Spray them and the nest repeatedly with cold water. Keep spraying repeatedly and they will move as they really love warm dry places for nests. This will slow wasps down so they are easier to swat, but with that many, it will still be sort of nerve wracking. I did that when the little buggers built nests in the kitty huts, and it looks like I need to again. While wasps like to drink water, especially sugary water, they HATE being cold and wet. I've also seen reports that wasps will flee if a fake hornet nest is put up.

  6. Mix some Dawn dish soap with some water and put into a sprayer. Wait until evening when all of the yellow jackets are in their nest. Then spray them well with the dish soap.
    When they are dead, spray water on the plants to remove the dish soap.

  7. I've read that wasps are territorial so if you have an artificial wasp's nest hanging from your porch they will move. In this case the person just crocheted a beige cone, stuffed it and hung it up. Worked for her! Maybe you could find something like that on Etsy.

    1. I've had folks swear by hanging a brown paper lunch bag sized bag, stuffed with newspaper to keep it "inflated" - but I've never tried, so not sure.

      I do like the idea of suiting up in beekeeping attire and going after them with a strong hose spray using an end of hose attachment containing some dawn detergent. ?But it has to be at dusk/late evening when they've returned to the nest.

      Good luck!

    2. Amazon has fake hornets nest that are supposed to deter wasp from building a nest. I would give it a try. I hate wasps and yellow jackets with a passion.

  8. If it was me I'd stay far away. Bitten twice and the 2nd time had a major allergic reaction so need to avoid a third encounter. Good luck!

  9. I have two of these Medieval Bug Catchers. I bought them in the mid 1990s (Probably at Costco) and did not pay anything like the $ they are selling for now. Attracting bees could be a problem.


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