Monday, July 6, 2020


Had a couple of posts up this long weekend.  Check them out (Saturday and Sunday).  Since the Zen Machine wasn't back this weekend (it will be ready Wednesday), there wasn't much to do at the farm.  It was super warm and so I just watered things, did a few small things and that was it.

The grass is growing and if we had rain all week, it might be out of control next weekend.  Thankfully it's supposed to be clear and dry all week so hopefully it won't be much worse than this in a few days.

The garden is still doing its thing.  This is the squash bed and there are about 5 small yellow squash on here.

I know tomatoes don't set when it gets consistently warm but since I covered them last weekend with the frost cloth, we have these green tomatoes about about six more.  I'm assuming they'll continue to ripen on the vines so we'll just leave them to see what happens.

At least the birds are not sampling them, ha.

The fruit trees are doing well and the fig tree (even though it's outside of the fruit tree area) has a bunch of figs on it.  They've survived the deer in seasons past but this year I think I'm going to take some bird netting and the extra poles we have from the orchard area and make some protection for the fig tree.

We also figured out where to put the blueberry bush raised bed rings.  Once I mow and clear the ground where they will go, I'll put the rings there (even before filling with soil) and take some pictures.  For now, above is where they will go.  I tested them there and they fit perfectly.  

Hope you had a good weekend and stayed safe.  We are back in "Stay Safe/Stay Home" mode here in Houston with mandatory masks anywhere in public.


  1. yes, please take care of each other down there!

  2. Your garden and fruit trees are all looking good in this heat. Looks like the frost cloth is helping keep the temperature down for your tomatoes. Great idea!
    And you have some figs! I always have to watch mine and pick them just before they get ripe because the mockingbirds love them.
    It will be wonderful to have your own blueberries.
    I have okra, a few peppers, and one squash plant left. Only the okra is doing well in this hot sun.

    With Covid raging in our state, I’m continuing to stay home also. I’ve only been out 4 times since early March and always with a mask.
    Stay safe and healthy!

  3. The way things look now, looks like you will have a nice bummer crop of veggies & fruit.
    We received almost 2 inches of rain early this morning of which we really needed.
    Take care, stay safe and keep cool

  4. That looks like a lot of good eating!


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