Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Monday, we posted about the the tomatoes we finally got from the garden.  Well 2nd Man decided to use some of our flour reserve (and eggs and whatever else goes into this) and made some brioche bread.  He had never done it before and followed a recipe he found online and these were the end result:

Two beautiful loaves.  Soft and golden and delicious.  We have just been snacking on it like candy because it's so good.  Then we saw the tomatoes and decided to have sandwiches for lunch.

Of course BLT's would immediately come to mind (and we do still have tomatoes left and some bacon in the refrigerator that is calling our names) but for now we just had a regular sandwich...

...bologna and cheese.  Toasted homemade bread and fresh from the garden tomatoes, oh my it was so good.  A few kettle potato chips on the side and it all made for a great lunch.  It's just so amazing how delicious garden fresh tomatoes totally transform even the most mundane things.


  1. That bread looks amazing! I can't believe he's never made it before - it looks so perfect! Yes indeed, freshly picked tomatoes are the perfect pick-me-up to anything you're eating. We finally have our first one ripening - it's taking FOREVER!!

  2. Link to the recipe for the bread please!

  3. does that bread ship well to philly? (asking for a friend)

  4. i never tasted bologna until a few years ago. i like it! it's like german leberkase. that sandwich looks so good!

  5. I'm not a fan of bologna, but a tomato sandwich or BLT with fresh tomatoes can't be beat.

  6. Oh my goodness! That looks sooo delicious! Those beautiful homemade brioche – your home must have smelled amazing! And then fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes to make the sandwiches even more perfect! Mmm!

  7. Beautiful bread. I like making brioche bread, although I greatly reduce the amount of sugar. I've also found it great used in a Summer Pudding - plenty of Summer Pudding recipes online. And how wonderful to have fresh tomatoes from your garden. Keep safe and take care, Michelle in Wellington, New Zealand

  8. That bread is magazine picture quality and looks delicious along with the sandwich.
    That is one kind of bread that I have never made.
    I just may have to make that ..............some day. I don't like heating up the oven any more than I have to when it's so hot. More like a Fall project for me when it comes to making bread.
    Was just wondering; did 2nd man bake that bread in loaf pans?
    Have a wonderful day and a great weekend.
    Stay cool. I see that you may get some rain of which will really help your fruit trees, garden, etc.

  9. Just out of curiousity -- do you all in the US eat potato chips as part of a meal?

    1. "Just out of curiousity -- do you all in the US eat potato chips as part of a meal?"
      Only with a simple sandwich sometimes, but just not all the time.

  10. That is one bread I haven’t tried to make. Yours looks delicious.


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