Monday, July 27, 2020


Our first apple.
What did you think this post was about?  LOL.

One of the two apple trees bloomed this year and developed several fruits.  It is the Anna apple.

In Texas, or at least in our part of Texas, we can't grow red apples.  We have to go for green or yellow.  We opted for this variety because it has a low chill hours requirement and that's our climate for sure.

From the online description of this variety it produces large (though these are small since the tree is still small), crisp apples with a yellow greenish skin and a red blush.  The sweet and slightly tart flesh is perfect for fresh eating, cooking and baking.

Here is it sliced up.  2nd Man said it reminded him of a pear.  It was sweet and had a similar taste.  We did both notice it also be slightly tart just like the description and we're pretty sure they would be great for cooking and baking. 

But wait!

There were three in total.  I pulled all three the last time I was at the farm and we've been rationing them for a few days.  Not bad looking fruit for our first ever homegrown apples!  It also means the DEER FENCING has worked because they did not get these tempting morsels...we did!

We do have an issue with this tree, more on that in an upcoming post.  This weekend was, as you probably saw posts about, a stay at home weekend because of the rain bands from Hurricane Hanna.  The ground was starting to crack at the farm so the rain was welcome.  I'm guessing this weekend will most definitely be a weekend for mowing and edging.  


  1. Congratulations on your first apple picking and glad that you where able to enjoy them instead of the deer. Win, win; You receive the apples and your deer fencing sounds like it's working great.
    The apples look really delicious. Sliced apples taste great dipped in peanut butter and / or chocolate. Mix up a small batch of fondue and would be icing on a cake.............Ok, icing on an apple on this case. :}
    Cloudy here and looks like we may receive a shower of rain but the last couple of days it has passed over. We could really use a nice, gentle shower.
    Enjoy your day and have a great week

    1. Melting peanut butter cups & dip your apple slices in. (was trying to think of that before and my mind had a brain freeze.)

  2. disappointed; I can't even remember the name of my first. hee hee.

  3. That is a great harvest! And, good to know the deer fence works.

  4. i have quite a few apples on my trees but they won't be ready for quite a while. we are still probably hotter up here than you are. what a summer!

  5. Great crop of apples! They look beautiful!


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