Sunday, July 5, 2020


Fireworks visible from the apartment.

The city still went on with it's annual large fireworks display but did not allow anyone to watch in crowds in person.  So most people who drove there just stopped in random spots to park and watch.

We had it on TV of course but then realized that the spot where it was done this year put it just on the other side of these buildings downtown, partially visible to us. 

(as always click to enlarge any of them)

If only some were just a little bit higher!

Like these!  Really pretty!

How about hot pink!

This one was really pretty, another one was higher up that I didn't capture but this was the second one that was obviously a bit lower altitude.


This one was an interesting assortment of colors, kind of an aqua green and pink and red.  It was almost like a Christmas time firework, ha.  

I like these that are like flares, they don't do anything other than shoot up like this but with super bright colors.  Different than the others, fun to see.


And last but not least, these are just always SO incredible to see.  Love the size.  Always so impressive, simple but dramatic.

Hope everyone had a good 4th of July and all are staying safe!


  1. Hope everyone had a great holiday yesterday & enjoying the remainder of the weekend.
    I do love your photos. A lot of neighbors out my way where shooting off fireworks all night long; till 2:30AM to be exact. We can sit out on our deck and look in any direction and watch the fireworks. They sure where lighting up the sky.
    Thanks 4 sharing your lovely photos.

  2. I can watch our town fireworks from my bedroom window. LOVE the flamingo pink one!

  3. My town didn't do any display, but there are always people in the various neighborhoods that have their stash of fireworks ... we got some decent rain yesterday, so that was enough for them to shoot off their stuff. I just sat in my living room and watched the show!

  4. Birmingham had their usual display but we are still maintaining our distance so we just watched the Boston Pops show (after we watched Killing Eve)

  5. You got some beautiful pictures of the fireworks!

  6. All are beautiful, but the hot pink is my favorite.

  7. We watched the Capitol Fourth on local PBS station which showed then the DC Mall fireworks. Locally the fireworks were canceled but from our 11th floor we could see fireworks all around us near and far. Dan thought we could see some of the ones from DC that were high up in the far southern horizon.


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