Friday, April 26, 2019


 Now THIS is a diet we can get behind, ha!

Beautiful weather here, clear, cool(ish) and no rain until mid week next week.  Should be a good weekend, if we can get through a Friday.


  1. Hubby's kind of diet as well. With this including eggs, he figures he can have this for breakfast as well.

    Well, with the last rain we had we received 2 & 1/2 inches and have a nice wet yard which really made the grass grow as well so guess we will be mowing this weekend if it dries out.

    With hubby on vacation this week we built a 12x12 floating deck. Have to wait a few weeks for the pressure treated wood to dry before applying any stain.

  2. YEAH BABY! I bet 2nd man makes a mean pan of brownies!

  3. Hmm, 2nd mans idea of a diet? :-)

  4. Now see... there are many reasons why I like this blog so much!!! :D


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