Monday, April 8, 2019


Woke up Sunday morning about 8:30am and checked the radar...

The red dot is the farm...and those storms were moving straight through.  It was slow moving and heavy and ultimately headed to Houston as well.  I went back to sleep.

2nd Man made a pan of biscuits...

This is a great thing to wake up to, ha.  Biscuits, butter and apricot preserves.  Yum!

Then a couple hours later, "J" from 2nd Family sent me this picture.  This was taken in what would normally be broad daylight.  She said it looked like the end of the world out there.  Winds were strong but not too bad, lightning, thankfully no hail, and we ended up with about 1 1/2" rain.  

By the time it made it to Houston though, it had grown strengthened and we had 60mph straight line winds, tornado warnings (and an actual touchdown) and widespread trees down, power lines down (200,000 people without power at one point) and some localized street flooding.

So no fun weekend update of planting or mowing.  This coming weekend will be busy for sure.  


  1. the biscuits look wonderful. as soon as strawberries are in season, the biscuit baking will begin! we still have had no rain here.

  2. It was a dark and stormy day! That sure is an ominous looking sky at your Farm.
    We got a bit over an inch of rain from it. My garden was happy about that. It’s a sunny, gorgeous day today.
    Those biscuits look sooo delicious! All of those flaky layers – mmm. 2nd Man knows how to put some joy into a gloomy day.

  3. Very much sounds like the storms we had just a couple weeks ago when we had 80mph winds along with very heavy rain.
    We ended up with shingles blown off the house & shed, blew over our Martin bird house so had to shorten up the pole on it and done some other minor damage.

    The winds so strong that when our house started to shake scared the heck out of me but was fast moving storm so didn't last long but was plenty long enough for me.
    Even ended up with a broken up trampoline in our back yard, our 2 garden wagons and wheel barrow was under our carport and then ended up in the middle of our back yard.
    Sure was glad when the storms moved further east of us.

    1. ' Mr. Baker Chef' is at it again, as them biscuits sure do look delicious.

  4. I am glad you weren't caught in it.
    The biscuits look most excellent.

  5. WOW! Yum to homemade biscuits!!! I have never had one from scratch at someones house! Crazy I know! Annster's Domain

  6. I hope all the central states bad weather doesn't mean a bad hurricane season down here on the east cost of Florida. They are talking about 13 named storms this season.


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